RedteaGO Global eSIM Data Plans

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RedteaGO offers travellers a wide selection of eSIM global data packages in 100+ countries, with affordable local rates. Get connected anywhere, anytime. RedteaGO is backed by Redtea Mobile, a leading eSIM technology and device connectivity provider based in Singapore. RedteaGO offers customers the freedom to dynamically select mobile network service subscriptions worldwide, allowing the ultimate convenience of buying pay-as-you-go data plans and freely switching among plans while traveling.
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RedteaGO has 1 eSIM data plans for travelling globally. Never pay expensive roaming fees or buy a physical sim card again while travelling globally again, just install a RedteaGO eSIM on your device!

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RedteaGO Global (140+ areas) 6GB

6 GB

15 days

138 countries
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