BNESIM Surf 20GB/month in Japan eSIM

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BNESIM, which stands for Best Network Ever, is a Hong Kong-based mobile technology provider offering the widest choice of eSIM data plans from multiple operators around the word, so you can always get the best tariffs and coverage. Unlimited eSIM profiles are available on the same device for limitless connectivity. BNESIM also offers non-expiring plans, where you data never expires, plus plans that recur monthly until you cancel.
20 GB
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30 days
Subscription Subscription Plan
  • Voice: No
  • SMS: No
  • Subscription: Yes (you can typically cancel subscriptions any time)
  • Notes from the provider: Data valid 30 days from the activation, renewable, cancel any time. Easy credit balance & top-up management through BNE app. No activation costs. No hidden fees. 24/7 Live Support. BNESIM is the World’s Leading Travel Communications Provider.

Supported Countries

This eSIM works in the following countries. Please refer to the provider website for more details on specific networks and available data speeds within these countries.

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