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Ubigi is a leading provider of global cellular connectivity and eSIM services, offering seamless mobile data access in over 200 destinations. As a pioneer in the eSIM market, Ubigi partners with tech giants like Apple and Microsoft to deliver innovative connectivity solutions for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and connected cars. With a range of affordable prepaid data plans and a focus on simplifying the roaming experience, Ubigi empowers both private and business travelers to stay connected and productive, wherever their journeys take them.
24 GB
365 days
Subscription Subscription Plan
  • Voice: No
  • SMS: No
  • Subscription: Yes (you can typically cancel subscriptions any time)
  • Notes from the provider: Enjoy 2GB/month of seamless connectivity! Data coverage in 15 countries: Brunei Cambodia Hong Kong India Indonesia Japan Laos Macao Malaysia Philippines Singapore South Korea Taiwan Tajikistan Vietnam This plan is with upfront payment. The price covers all 12 months, you will not be charged monthly.

Supported Countries

This eSIM works in the following countries. Please refer to the provider website for more details on specific networks and available data speeds within these countries.

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