AirHub Canada 25GB 30Days

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AirHub leads in providing eSIMs, the upcoming standard for mobile data, offering consumers freedom from physical SIM cards. eSIMs benefit travelers by eliminating roaming bills and the hassle of managing SIMs, providing smooth connectivity without the stress of wifi availability.
25 GB
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30 days
  • Voice: No
  • SMS: No
  • Subscription: No
  • Notes from the provider: Package Details: Data: 25GB Highspeed 5G Data with instant data connectio. Network: Operates on Rogers Communications Canada Inc in Canad. Calling: UNLIMITED Canada wide callin. Validity: Starts immediately after receiving QR cod. Compatibility: Supports Android and iOS devices (refer to FAQ for compatible handsets) Usage Restrictions: E-SIM works only within Canada Travel Recommendations: Choose travel dates within 5 days from the current date Supported Destination: Canada.

Supported Countries

This eSIM works in the following countries. Please refer to the provider website for more details on specific networks and available data speeds within these countries.

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